Outbreak Europe

The Legits Blast Festival, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
This international dance and music festival offers world class dancing (style: breaking) competitions, workshops, discussions, jams, exhibitions, music concerts and much more. Festival is a celebration of Hip Hop culture in its true sense including and showcasing all 4 elements of the culture: Breaking (dance), DJing (music creation), MCing (singing/rap), and Graffiti (painting). Attended by more than 2000 dancers and artists from 81 countries and 2000 people from general public. In 2019 festival marked its 10th anniversary coining its worldwide position as one of the top events of its kind. During time the festival has become one of the main cultural events in the city with positive feedback form dancers, general public, local and national authorities as well.

Festival events:
OUTBREAK EUROPE – World Breaking Championship in 4 categories: 1vs1 Breaking (unisex), 1vs1 B-Girl, 2vs2 Breaking
REP YOUR COUNTRY – World Breaking Championship of national crews
YOUTH IS THE FUTURE – Dance/DJ/Graffiti/MC workshops & discussion, exhibitions and competitions for kids, teens (1vs1 Kid under 16yo) dedicated to all 4 Hip Hop elements
HLM ANNIVERSARY – Open breaking competition in the main square of Banska Bystrica city
MUSIC CONCERTS – International and local Hip Hop artists

For more info visit the official webiste.