The cultural association BE STREET is active in the territory of Langa, Roero, Monferrato, Torinese and Savonese has as its purpose the sharing, dissemination and re-evaluation of artistic and street cultures that belong to the world of yound adults, which are usually misunderstood, as they are realted with common meeting place of THE STREETS.
Through the 4 artistic & sporting disciplines of Hip Hop Culture (Breakdance, Dj, Graffiti Art, Rap) and Skateboard we create Laboratories, Events, Cultural Tourist Tours with the AcrossalbA project, a radio program called RAPdZONA broadcast on RADIO ALBA and recently we won a CREATIVE EUROPE European grant with the E-CYPHER project specific to the discipline of BREAKDANCE in relation to the roots of our territory.
The aim is to spread the importance of combining history & culture, art and sport with a modern language. We want to bring young people closer to the concept of using time in a useful way to improve themselves, grow and consequently improve the social life of the city in which they reside and live social relationships increasingly penalized by the progress of social platforms and teaching a distance.
We firmly believe that in order to have a better present and future, young people must create new ideas and projects that are in step with the national and international scene but that do not lose touch with the place and the history of their roots.
The Team of our Association is made up of Artists and Pioneers of the Italian Hip Hop culture and other street disciplines active on the local scene of Alba, Bra, province of Cuneo and Asti. It also makes use of FIDS CONI recognized technicians for Breakdance and FISR CONI for Skateboard as both disciplines are now part of the OLYMPIC. This experience gained over the years allows us to have greater knowledge and awareness of each discipline while maintaining a close relationship with our territory.
Our goal is, not only to show our passion but, to maintain the right link between these street cultures born in an URBAN landscape different from ours without forgetting what our roots are, thus finding our unique and recognizable STREET IDENTITY.

For more info visit the official website.